DHR Posting: Proposed Modifications to Existing Personal Services Contracts

The following expedited Personal Services Contracts (”PSCs”) have been submitted for review and approval by the Department of Human Resources (“DHR”). In accordance with Civil Service Commission policy, protests of proposed expedited PSCs must be emailed to DHR-PSCCoordinator@sfgov.org by close of business on the 7th day of posting. If you have any questions, please contact DHR at (415) 557-4842
PSC No Dept Designation (FAMIS) Modification submit date Dept Description Modified Amount Cumulative Total Description of Work Start Date End Date
43868 - 17/18 - MODIFICATIONS HRD 08/20/2018 HUMAN RESOURCES $0 $5,000,000 Third party administration for Healthy Workers, a health insurance program. Healthy Workers members have access to medical services through Community Health Network. Medical services include: doctor visits, vision care, hospital and emergency room care, and mental health services. 11/01/2021 10/31/2023
42264 - 13/14 - MODIFICATIONS JUV 08/20/2018 JUVENILE PROBATION $60,000 $260,000 The Ombudsperson is responsible for resolving grievances submitted by detained youth at Juvenile Probation Department (JPD) detention facilities. Contractor will serve as a neutral and independent agent who is a liaison between detainees, their parents/guardians and Department staff. When a youth files a grievance, contractor shall investigate and resolve through appropriate means including mediation between the youth and the Department and where appropriate shall recommend procedural changes as part of the recommended resolution of a grievance. 10/01/2018 09/30/2019
42995 - 13/14 - MODIFICATIONS DPH 08/14/2018 PUBLIC HEALTH $500,000 $3,020,000 Deployment of proprietary clinical documentation/International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD)-10 (10th revision) solutions, in order to meet the nationally mandated conversion to ICD-10 standard. Various vendor provided solutions will integrate within existing Electronic Medical Record systems in order to facilitate physician documentation, improve compliance and ensure appropriate reimbursement. 08/27/2018 12/31/2020