DHR Posting: Proposed Modifications to Existing Personal Services Contracts

The following expedited Personal Services Contracts (”PSCs”) have been submitted for review and approval by the Department of Human Resources (“DHR”). In accordance with Civil Service Commission policy, protests of proposed expedited PSCs must be emailed to DHR-PSCCoordinator@sfgov.org by close of business on the 7th day of posting. If you have any questions, please contact DHR at (415) 557-4842
PSC No Dept Designation (FAMIS) Modification submit date Dept Description Modified Amount Cumulative Total Description of Work Start Date End Date
47383 - 17/18 - MODIFICATIONS DSS 03/19/2019 HUMAN SERVICES $135,671 $407,014 The contractor will develop a cohesive brand and external communications plan for the Department of Human Service to better identify the three distinct divisions (DAAS, HSA, and OECE) and the services each offers. In order to better engage stakeholders, shape public perception, and to provide quality human services, the contractor will provide the following service:  - Conduct research  - Facilitate interviews and focus groups  - Develop the brand strategy  - Formulate an external communications plan  - Compile response data and analyze research findings  - Deliver final brand strategy and communications plan 04/30/2019 12/31/2019
41094 - 15/16 - MODIFICATIONS MTA 03/19/2019 MUNICIPAL TRANSPORTATION AGENCY $175,000 $1,675,000 No The contractor will provide community outreach, employment barrier removal, job readiness, and workforce training services that prepare participants for job placement via employment referral and training programs, such as CityBuild and First Source, in trade apprenticeships and non-trade employment that emerge from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA) Central Subway Project. The contractor will communicate with, establish a rapport with, and provide services to ethnic minority communities and women. The contractor will facilitate personal development for clients, including: acting as liaison with appropriate legal, medical, and social services; ensuring the acquisition of basic job readiness skills such as punctuality, workplace etiquette, interview skills, resume writing; and, ensuring the acquisition of workplace skills such as use of industry specific technologies, tools, and procedures. 09/19/2016 12/31/2019