DHR Posting: Proposed Modifications to Existing Personal Services Contracts

The following expedited Personal Services Contracts (”PSCs”) have been submitted for review and approval by the Department of Human Resources (“DHR”). In accordance with Civil Service Commission policy, protests of proposed expedited PSCs must be emailed to DHR-PSCCoordinator@sfgov.org by close of business on the 7th day of posting. If you have any questions, please contact DHR at (415) 557-4842
PSC No Dept Designation (FAMIS) Modification submit date Dept Description Modified Amount Cumulative Total Description of Work Start Date End Date
43148 - 18/19 - MODIFICATIONS MTA 05/17/2019 MUNICIPAL TRANSPORTATION AGENCY $0 $7,550,000 The scope of the “Twin Peaks Tunnel W1 Crossover ATCS Activation Project” is activation of the train control system in one cross-over in the Twin Peaks tunnel adjacent to West Portal Station. As part of this project, this crossover will be electronically integrated with the adjacent surface interlock at West Portal and Ulloa to ensure coordinated train movements throughout the West Portal area. Detailed design, software implementation, and testing will be performed by Thales Transport and Security, Inc. 12/31/2019 06/01/2020
4096 08/09 - MODIFICATIONS MTA 05/14/2019 MUNICIPAL TRANSPORTATION AGENCY $0 $147,375,171 The Third Street Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project is the most significant capital investment in generations for the Municipal Railway. Phase 1 of the 6.9-mile two-phase project, the T Third line, began revenue service in April 2007, restoring light rail service to the heavily transit-dependent Third Street corridor in eastern San Francisco for the first time in 50 years. Phase 2, the Central Subway Project, will extend the new Third Street line by constructing three new subway stations and one surface station to provide rail service to the Financial District and Chinatown. The extended light rail line will serve regional destinations such as Union Square; the Moscone Convention Center, Yerba Buena and AT&T Park, and will connect directly to BART and Caltrain, the Bay Area's two largest regional-commuter rail services. 03/01/2019 04/05/2021
47420 - 14/15 - MODIFICATIONS DPH 05/15/2019 PUBLIC HEALTH $0 $2,840,000 Contractor will provide implementation and customization of contractor’s licensed decision support software product to the San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) and the Laguna Honda Hospital (LHH). The software must be licensed, healthcare focused, commercially available product, and must include a fully integrated labor module, financial module, and cost accounting module. The contractor will develop a deployment strategy in collaboration with the DPH consistent with current DPH technical parameters for End-User devices, server configurations, software version controls, connectivity and security. The contractor will also need to execute a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Business Associates Agreement (BAA) and be prepared to provide requested security certifications for network connectivity and relevant data center operations. In addition, the contractor will need to provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades to the software product, in-depth technical and system training for DPH information technology, clinical and administrative managers/staff for on-going support and utilization of the systems. This PSC applies only to the professional services portion of the agreement. 05/15/2019 03/31/2022